More Sections of the Yellowstone River Re-opened for Fishing!

I need to get out more....  I was on the upper Madison for a few days helping to lead a TU Veterans Service Partnership event iwth TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.  I will admit that I didn't look at email or the news for several days, and I missed the following press release from Motnana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. 

From a MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Sept. 15 Update:

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will reopen two reaches of the Yellowstone River Friday to all uses.

The sections opening Friday include the reach from Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site to Emigrant Fishing Access Site along with the reach from Pine Creek Fishing Access Site to Highway 89 Bridge Fishing Access Site. The Shield River, a main tributary of the Yellowstone, will also reopen entirely Friday.

The 17.2 mile section of the Yellowstone from Emigrant Fishing Access Site to Pine Creek Fishing Access Site remains closed to all recreational use. FWP remains concerned that the disease has not run its course in this area most highly affected by the fish kill.

FWP also reminds recreationists to Clean. Drain. Dry as this mantra is the key to preventing the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species and other harmful organisms.

So, most all of the Yellowstone has re-opened!  Good news!  


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